Greene County

Greene County battles budget shortfall

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - Greene County Commissioners gathered to discuss how they are going to cover a budget shortfall of more than a million dollars.

The budget and finance committee has recommended to the commission a property tax increase of just over 11-cents, which should be used to correct the imbalance in the general budget. Plus it would help with a deficit of $92-thousand in the debt service fund.

The recommendations also proposed cutting eight positions including five jobs at the county jail... And hourly employees will have to be furloughed by four hours per week.
Commissioners say they simply can't spend what they don't have.

Ted Hensley- Greene County Commissioner, "Greene County has been suffering economically for the last five years continuously with a near ten percent unemployment rate, and unless we turn that situation around the picture's not going to get much prettier."

The commission will vote on the budget at their next meeting on august 18th.

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