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Former county employee claims sexually harassment by supervisor

Former Greene Co. employee sexual harassment claims

GREENE COUNTY, Va. - In a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, former Greene County employee Michelle Burke says she was sexually coerced, discriminated against and faced retaliation based on her gender.

She claims her supervisor, County Court Clerk David Thompson, was sexually harassing her.

We looked through Burke's statement to the EEOC. She claims it started with Thompson asking to see pictures on her cell phone and turned into Thompson allegedly kissing her in his office and then asking her to perform sexual acts.

In the complaint, Burke states, "He wanted and demanded oral sex. Before the oral sex, he made it abundantly clear, either do what I say or you won't have a job."

Burke says she went along with the requests for a while, out of fear of losing her only income as a single mother. But says she pulled away from Thompson after getting married and claims she was eventually forced to resign.

We spoke with County Commissioner Robin Quillen about the complaint. "We have to deal with it, it's here now and whether the accusations are found to be true or not true. We have to deal with it," said Quillen.

News 5 stopped by Thompson's office to hear his response to the accusations against him. He told us, "I look forward to the truth coming out in court. Based on the advice of my attorney, I'm not able to comment any further at this time about these allegations."

Burke's attorney Sandra Stanbery-Foster says they stand behind all statements made in the complaint and plan to see it through, even if it means taking the case to federal court. "I hope that we can work through it and do the right thing. Let the truth come out and try to save the county from embarrassment, whether it comes out as yes or no," said Quillen.

We attempted to contact the county attorney and mayor; both were unavailable.

The county has until August 15 to make a formal response to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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