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Family receives dozens of donations after fire destroys business

Community support after fire

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - Donations continue to pour in for a family of 12 that lost their business in a fire a little more than a week ago.

It still brings tears to their eyes when Charlie and Karen Dibella look at what's left of their family business, Charlie and Sons' Cabinet Shop, in Greene County, Tennessee after a fire destroyed it a little more than a week ago. Click here to read more about the fire.

After that, Karen says everything changed. "I just watched my husband just fall apart. He just said, 'There goes my livelihood.'"

Charlie lost his shop, work truck, and most of his tools from a business that took 40 years to build. However, since then donations have poured in from the community. "I just want to thank the people. They've driven up my driveway to give us hugs," adds Karen.

Cabinet store owners in Abingdon, Virginia saw the family's story and told them that it could've been any of them; that's why they gave them a check for more than $600 to help them purchase new tools. "It blows me away. They gave a donation. That was deeply appreciated and [they even] offered their services to help rebuild," says Charlie.

The men that gave the donations wanted to remain anonymous. While they were visiting with the family, the group held hands and prayed, something the Dibellas say means a lot. "That's going to keep us going. We're going to need that the next few months, that emotional support," says Karen.

The Dibellas tell us they lost more than their shop equipment -- they also lost several Christmas presents they stored in there, including a dollhouse Charlie was building for his granddaughters. Community members stepped in and have donated two dollhouses to the family.

The Dibellas have also received several useful items from the community.

The Dibellas say they will rebuild Charlie and Sons' Cabinet Shop, and all of the support from the community will make it all a little easier.

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