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Camp Creek tornado survivors remember the devastation two years later

Camp Creek tornado survivors two years later

GREENE COUNTY, Tenn. - Although Camp Creek has come a long way in two years, there is still evidence. A monster storm roared through their community changing lives and creating nightmares that will live with survivors for a lifetime.

Pictures of destruction and devastating memories don't just fade away after two years.  Camp Creek was utterly annihilated after tornados plundered through the region.

Charles and Cheryl Feilding remember it all too well. Both were flung out of their house.

"I remember the wall coming in, the house lifting up," said Cheryl, "but when they got to this point-- that's all I remember until I come to out in the field."

What they saw after didn't seem real.

"When we got out of the hospital, we come out here and I just sat down and cried cause there was nothing left," said Charles Feiling, while choking up with emotion.

Two years later, they have a new home but it's not quite the same in this quiet community.

Charles says, "There's a neighbor gone up there, a neighbor gone down the street, around the bend there's five gone over there. They left and never came back."

Billie Jean Bishop decided to stay even after losing everything.  Losing her friends hasn't been easy.

"People you spend your whole life with, you went to school, you grew up with and everything, they're just, you haven't seen them in two or three years," she said.

It's reminders like memorials that keep the pain of April 27, 2011 forever in the hearts of Camp Creek.

Those who lost their lives that night will be forever missed and those who lived keep living in their memory, like Charles Feiling.

"You pick up the pieces and you move on."

The Feilings say they are still planning on building a storm shelter to protect themselves against another storm.  Others still want to say thank you to all those who helped rebuild homes and lives during the past two years.

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