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Camp Creek residents prepare for high winds

CAMP CREEK, Tenn. - Camp Creek is expecting high winds Monday night and into the early Tuesday.

We found that many have lived there for so long they don't even notice the winds. "It's one of the things you deal with living without here. It's so nice and we're willing to live with it," said Andy Sierra, Camp Creek resident.

Sierra has lived in Camp Creek for four years after moving away from South Carolina. "I thought I'd get away from the hurricanes and found out we have our own mini-hurricanes here once a night," said Sierra.

He told us it usually doesn't last long, but the strong gusts sometimes take his belongings for a ride. "Our next-door neighbor found our cooler on the other side of his yard," said Sierra.

He said he takes precautions. "We take a walk around the yard and make sure everything is tied down," said Sierra.

But not everyone is worried about their belongings flying off. The Camp Creek girls' softball team has had to learn to play against the wind and Coach Jason Rush says it can be challenging. "That's the first thing I make the girls do is pick up grass and throw it to see which way the wind is blowing and how strong it is," said Rush.

Coach Rush says it's made the girls better players because they are aware of their surroundings. "A lot of times when you're hitting a centerfield ball you have to aim it at left field just to get it to the center field, but it can be an advantage to us because other teams aren't used to the wind," he said.

Coach Rush said a few of their games have actually been cancelled because of the wind.

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