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Budget cuts affects non-profits in Greene County

Budget cuts affects non-profits in Greene Co.

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - It's been a tight year in Greene County and an even tougher year for groups that were cut from the county's budget.

Last week, the Greene County Commissioners passed an $84 million budget. But the budget doesn't include funding for 14 non-profit organizations across the county.

"It's pretty devastating," said Betty Cook, the volunteer coordinator of the Retired Senior's Volunteer program.

More than half of organization's funding comes from the county and Cook fears the that they won't have enough money to stay open.

"If we can't find any other resource we may not be able to maintain our local office," said Cook.

The Greeneville-Greene County Food Bank was also cut from this year's budget.

Carolyn Brooks is the Food Pantry's bookkeeper and she expected to have the money to feed the more than 30 families the bank serves everyday.

"That will cut back in the amount of food we can purchase for the year, because we have figured it in our food budget," said Brooks.

Greene County Commissioner Ted Hensley doesn't believe the county should be responsible for funding non-profits.

"Do we need to chip in to help support them, I don't think so. I'm all about user fees. I'm all about fundraisers by these groups," said Hensley.

Hensley added that the county should look at other options to fix their budget issues such as bringing new industries and jobs to the community.

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