Greene County

76-year-old speaks out about arrest last week

Public meeting arrest

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - A 76-year-old man who was arrested after police say he disrupted a public meeting in Greeneville last week was in court today.

Police say Eddie Overholt, of Cocke County, disrupted a public meeting of the Industrial Development Board.

Members were discussing a controversial water line that would run to the U.S. Nitrogen Plant that's locating near Mosheim.

According to the police report, Eddie Overholt was not not obeying the instructions of board chairman Greene County Mayor Alan Broyles after Broyles told the crowd to quiet down.

According to police, the meeting was a public meeting and not a public hearing, meaning members of the public were not allowed to speak.

Overholt says he was simply letting the board know he could not hear them.

We were able to talk with him after his arraignment.

He was charged with Disrupting a Public Meeting and Resisting Arrest, but Overholt said the second charge surprised him. "I was pretty upset with the policeman who handled me and put me in jail," said Overholt. "That was the biggest complaint because very specifically and nicely I told him I've got back problems, I've got leg problems, I will either have to sit down or get something to continue."

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