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Greeneville Police Department has 'arresting' new software

New system takes care of old technology

Greeneville Police technology

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. - The Greeneville Police Department has gone high-tech.

When a call is on the line, information about your call goes into an online system which relays the information faster. "It's called Vision Air," Chief Terry Cannon said. "It is a sub company of Tri-Tech which is a software company. Mainly they just deal with law enforcement, dispatch and mobile dispatch."

It's a mobile monumental click forward from their old system. "The officers can do their reports on their phone," Cannon said. "We use the Android system."

Officers can do wreck reports, offense reports, even write tickets, all on their cell phones. The reports are sent in to a holding folder in the system. "This is a lot easier to add additional information," Sergeant David White said. "As the officer gets it and gives it to you it's a drag and drop application, where the other one was not. It's a lot more user-friendly and a lot easier to use."

Chief Cannon tells us it's a giant cyber-space-age leap from the old days of the NCIC computer. "This software, when we put somebody into this system, it will automatically check them to see if they're wanted," he said. "We don't have to hit a special key or run them. It does it on its own."

It's one of the only times Cannon says his department sees where speed doesn't kill.

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