Girl Scouts donate food and supplies to animal shelter

BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn. - Animal shelters are working to meet the needs of pets in our area that don't have a home this winter, but one shelter is not alone in its efforts.

Girl Scout Troop 303 of Bristol brought food, blankets, toys, and rubber gloves to help out the Sullivan county animal shelter in Blountville Saturday.

The girl scouts supplied the shelter with about 600 pounds of food and 10 bags of blankets.

News 5 spoke with troop's leader, who told us their mission for the year is to give to others. She tells us that by doing that, they can't forget their four-legged friends. "They're learning goal setting skills, they're learning responsibility, they're learning to care for someone outside of themselves," said Patty Holden, Girl Scout Leader of Troop 303.

We learned the Sullivan County Animal Shelter uses about 200 pounds of food to feed their pets every day.

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