Friend of teen killed in jet ski accident shares memories

Friend of teen killed in jet ski accident shares memories

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Jennifer Garcia-Clark says her best friend Bailey Stout followed her heart.

"She wasn't scared of anybody, she was fearless," Garcia-Clark says. "That's what I loved about her so much, like she wasn't scared to go after anything she wanted, and she always just spoke her mind."

14-year-old Bailey invited Jennifer to a family outing on Boone Lake, the same day she was killed in a jet ski accident. "I was blessed because I would have been on the back of that jet ski too. I mean I love Bailey, I would have jumped on it with her," Garcia-Clark says.

Bailey's jet ski was struck by another jet ski being driven by her father. Witnesses in a pontoon boat tried to help, but it was too late. "I wake up and my best friend is dead, that hit me so hard," Garcia-Clark says.

So Jennifer, along with other friends and family, got together Saturday and Sunday to raise money for the Stout family - a car wash that raised more than $2,000 to show Bailey how much she was loved.

Lola Hughes heard about the fundraiser and wanted to help. "I would kind of put myself in their place if something happened to one of my family like that, it just breaks my heart," she says.

Garcia-Clark told News 5 she will always love her best friend, a girl who spoke her mind because tomorrow is never guaranteed. "The last thing I said to her was, 'I love you, see you tomorrow.' I never saw her."

Friends at the car wash say they raised over $400 dollars over the weekend. There is a fund set up at the Tennessee Bank for donations. There is also a GoFundMe account for Bailey and her family.

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