Former smoke-shop owner makes guilty plea in federal court

A former owner of two smoke shops accused of selling synthetic drugs pleads guilty in federal court.

Jason Glenn Catoe, who once owned Ultimate Smoke in Kingsport and in Gray, pled guilty in federal court to possession with the intent to distribute synthetic drugs and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Kingsport police officials told us they believed the shop was selling synthetic drugs illegally which is why they set up a mobile command post above the Kingsport location.

Since its closure, police said things have calmed down.

"The number of calls that we are answering now as compared to last year at this time related to synthetic drugs has drastically decreased," said Deputy Chief David Quillin.

Court documents said Catoe's brother, Kory Neal Wiesner helped make more than $200,000 worth of bank deposits for the business.

Catoe and Wiesner both pled guilty to structuring bank transactions to avoid income reporting requirements. That charge carries up to five year in prison.

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