First Tennessee Bank acquires 13 Bank of America branches

Some banking customers in Northeast Tennessee can expect some changes with a major bank buyout.

First Tennessee Bank has acquired 13 Bank of America branches from Northeast Tennessee to Nashville. Some of the branches will be consolidated into First Tennessee branches.

We talked to Bryan Jordan, CEO of First Tennessee, about when customers can expect a change. "We'll hopefully get that complete in the October/November timeline. We'll do it in a way that ought to make it as seamless as we possibly can for the customers that are impacted," he said. "We're very excited about having these new additional customers."

Online banking will be similar, but we're told customers will have to re-enter passwords and security information.

Jordan tells us letters have already been sent out for Bank of America customers.

Bank of America branches are also closing in Virginia.

We've learned the Abingdon branch will be acquired by First Community Bank.

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