Firefighters remind us of safety strategies while grilling

TENNESSEE/VIRGINIA -       Now that the holiday weekend is here, folks will be lighting up their grills all around our region and some for the first time this year. Local fire departments want to remind grillers to keep safety in mind and check your grill out before using it.

     Make sure any old grease has been cleaned out and that everything is working properly. Barry Brickey with the Kingsport Fire Department says there are a couple of other things you can do to prepare. "You can take a spray bottle with some soapy water in it and spray it and look for bubbles. And if it's bubbling up that means you've got a leak somewhere. We would also would like to remind people not to put the grill under the eaves of their house or in a carport that's attached to the house because you can have a fire hazard their or you can run a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning." And, he says, after your done cooking, don't leave food out when you're done eating. And keep cold things, like potato salad, cold.

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