Fact checking the Tennesee Republican Senate primary race

Fact checking the Tennesee Republican Senate primary race

Tennessee's primary election is Thursday August 7th.
State Representative Joe Carr is challenging U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander for the right to represent the Republican Party in the November general election.

Both candidates are running television ads leading up to the primary.  We wanted to know if they claims each ad makes are accurate.

These are ads that air on WCYB and Fox Tri Cities. They are paid for and approved by each candidate.

Senator Alexander's ad claims he "leads against Obamacare."

This is true. Senator Alexander voted to defund the Affordable Care Act March 13, 2013.

During the White House Health Care Summit, Senator Alexander challenged President Obama's assertion that healthcare premiums would not go up under the ACA.  Senator Alexander claimed premiums would rise for millions of Americans, citing a report from the Congressional Budget Office.

We looked at the CBO report and Senator Alexander is technically correct. The CBO predicts premiums will rise for 32 million non-group insured Americans by 2016. The same report also estimates 159 million Americans will have health insurance premiums drop.

State Representative Joe Car ran an ad attacking Senator Alexander's record. This ad claims Alexander voted for bank bailouts during the 2008 economic crisis.

This is true. According to Senate voting records, Alexander did vote in favor of House Resolution 1424, which provided for the so-called bailouts.

"Both President Bush and President Obama and a bipartisan majority of the Congress decided we need to take extraordinary action. We did. The taxpayers have been paid back every penny" Senator Alexander told News 5 at a rally in Kingsport Thursday evening.

Carr's ad also claims Alexander voted in favor of Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Based upon News 5's research, this claim is false.

Senator Alexander did vote in favor of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act on June 27, 2013.

"I voted to double border security and end perpetual amnesty for 11 million Americans who are illegally here," said Alexander.

Carr disagrees.

"First of all, it provides amnesty for 11 million aliens," Carr told News 5 during his own rally Thursday evening in Johnson City.

News 5 looked at Senate Bill 744. t has specific provisions for helping immigrants obtain citizenship...but does not provide blanket amnesty...
the house of representatives has not addressed this bill...and it is not law...

Carr's lone television ad also makes claims about the Representatives personal political record.

The ad says Representative Carr is a "Constitutional Conservative" and is rated a 100% conservative by the American Conservative Union.

This is true. We checked the ACU's 2013 report. Carr earned a 100% "Defender of Liberty" rating.

The American Conservative Union grades politicians on how conservative they are in their voting . This rating is for Representative Carr's time in the Tennessee General Assembly.
However, since Representative Carr has not held a Federal office, we can not judge the validity of his claims to eliminate wasteful spending, oppose bailouts and stop amnesty.

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