ETSU student competes in weightlifting competition

It's a "heavy" accomplishment for  a local college student.

ETSU's Megan Poole recently brought home a third-place medal from the Senior National Championships event in weightlifting.

That competition took place in Salt Lake City.

Poole is a scholarship recipient with the Olympic training site at ETSU and trains under Dr. Satoshi Mizuguchi, an assistant professor of exercise and sport science.

She hopes to one day compete in the Olympics.

"It's really competitive making the Olympic team because there are so many people trying to get that spot. So hopefully Olympic trials in 2016 and then the 2020 Olympics is what i'm rooting for," said Poole.

ETSU was designated as an official U.S. Olympic training site for weightlifting in 2012.

The center is also a training site for the USA canoe and kayak slalom teams.


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