Deputies practice potential shooter training at county schools

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - The Washington County Tennessee School System wants to make sure their teachers are prepared in case someone tries to harm them or their students.

That's why deputies with the Sheriff's Office are training in a two-day class to give everyone a fighting chance.

News 5 stopped in on Saturday morning's class at David Crockett High School to watch the hands-on lessons.

A plastic gun and police tape are not tools you would ever find in a classroom. But deputies with the Sheriff's Office are training volunteers with skills they just learned to give teachers a lesson in fighting back against a potential shooter.

"So we're giving them different strategies like run, how to barricade doors, and how to fight as a last resort," said Terry Nichols an instructor with Safariland Training.

People were taught defense tactics, which teachers like Holly Jamerson say are simply valuable, "I want to be prepared, I want to have a plan, I want to have it thought out. I want my kids to have practiced what we would do in case of an emergency."

But Lieutenant Doug Gregg with the Sheriff's Office says there's the hope these techniques are practiced by teachers and quickly become a habit, "Say we're in the school and the shooting occurs on the other side of campus. If I'm the School Resource Officer, it's going to take me a few minutes to get over there."

Kids like Madison Graybeal, that volunteered a Saturday in the classroom, say she feels safer than ever and plans on teaching her classmates. "Because it can happen any day and they'll know what to do," added the 5-th grader.

We also learned training was put to the test Saturday afternoon, deputies used a blank-firing gun to simulate a shooter scenario.

We learned warning signs were placed around the school to alert residents a training session was taking place.

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