Deliveries still made despite the weather

Working in the cold

BRISTOL, Tenn. - The old postal creed, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds," didn't say anything about sub-zero weather. But regardless, some things we just count on -- like getting your mail or having your trash picked up no matter the temperatures.

By mid-morning Tuesday, most all of the postal carriers at the Bristol post office were out on their rounds. Supervisors told them to get their mail out quickly and return to the post office as soon as possible.

Others have no choice of the pace of their work, like Bristol's garbage collectors.

But regardless, the mail gets delivered. "We really don't want them in any of the type of inclement weather, whether it is the rain, the snow, but definitely the frigid cold like this. It's a little bit harder on the the body, so our desire is get our people back safely and as quickly as we can," Bristol Postmaster Gary Riley says.

But in this weather it's just harder to move any faster as they go from home to home. The temperatures are affecting mail trucks as well. "We've had those issues this morning already, so we've got maintenance guys that actually work on the vehicles to get them up and running," the postmaster said.

Tuesday morning before they all left for their appointed rounds came a friendly reminder of the extreme conditions. "We have professional carriers. They've done this before. they've been in this weather. They know this is part of the job, so it really begins with them their mindset, us talking to them about some of the different safety precautions, frostbite, frigid cold weather," Riley said.

Let's all thank those unsung workers that just go about their duties no matter the weather, just for our benefit.

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