Crisis at the Crisis Center

The Crisis Center of Bristol is there to serve the community, but it is in a state of emergency.


Every day the center helps with abuse cases, suicide prevention and any personal crisis. They have a 24 hour hotline and classes to educate the community, but a lack of funding and staff turnover has left its leaders asking for help.


Executive Director Katherine Campbell said, "We just need to know there are enough people in the community that care about what we are doing to help."


Without the proper funding many will be left without help.


"Without those discretionary funds we will have to cut back on service; we don't have a choice unless people step forward," said Campbell


Campbell believes this agency was started by the community, so the community needs to help decide its fate.


Tuesday's meeting could leave the center's doors closed for good, but the people inside hope that isn't the case.


Tuesday night the Crisis Center will hold a meeting, asking for the public's support.


"I'm hoping there will be people whose lives have been touched by the Crisis Center who can come out and tell their story; share that with other people and let the community know what a vital role the Crisis Center plays in Bristol," said President of the Board of Directors Randall Mullins.


Volunteer Coordinator and Community Outreach Educator Della McGuire said, "We are counted on and relied on by the community members who know our number by heart."


The Crisis Center community discussion will be Tuesday at 5 pm at Central Presbyterian Church on Euclid Avenue.

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