City commission plans to continue downtown Johnson City revitalization

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. - The Johnson City City Commission met Saturday morning to brain storm and discussion long-term plans for the city and their top priority is downtown.

The city commission along with city manager Pete Peterson is looking ahead at the next phase of downtown revitalization.

Peterson says over the past couple years they've focused on restoring the roads and sidewalks.

But in the next few months they plan to turn their attention to bringing more commerce to the downtown area.

"I think our vision for downtown is when somebody says Johnson City, that they envision an area that is clean, it's safe, it's well lit, it's attractive, a lot of activity, there's a lot of commerce taking place," said Pete Peterson, Johnson City City Manager.

During the meeting the commission even suggested building a movie theater on Main Street along with newer restaurants and boutiques.

They plan to start researching the best options for the city in the next few weeks.

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