Carter County

Two Hampton schools locked down

HAMPTON, Tenn. - Two Carter County schools were on lockdown Friday morning due to a nearby police chase.

Just after noon on Friday the Tennessee Highway Patrol reported Clinton Arley Campbell sped away after they tried to stop him at a seatbelt checkpoint on US 321. "They cleared the intersection and sped away at a high rate of speed of course we had to chase. We couldn't clear the intersection before they took off and fled on foot," said Sgt. Greg Merlowe.

After a short pursuit police arrested Campbell outside of a home on First Avenue in Hampton.

Hampton Elementary and Hampton High schools just down the road had already started taking precautions. Kevin Ward, director of Carter County Schools, said, "They were in a hard lockdown within 23 seconds and everybody was locked down tight. Within 60 seconds, two minutes at the most, there was an armed officer at the front and rear of the school," he said.

But that didn't keep parents from coming to the school to pick up their kids. Cristy Dickerson was inside of Hampton Elementary when it all happened. "It came down over the intercom that we were in lockdown and that's all we really knew until it was almost over. We did get some text messages that explained what was going on. We just tried to keep the kids calm," she said.

The schools later went into a soft lockdown.

Campbell is being held in the Carter County Jail on suspicion of DUI and resisting stop and frisk.

A person called into 911 saying that they saw the suspect with a gun, but when police arrested Campbell they didn't find any firearms on him.

Troopers have not released the names of the two who fled on foot after the chase.

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