Carter County

Truck falls over 200 ft. embankment, driver carried up in basket

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - A man is fighting for his life tonight after his truck rolled down a 200-foot embankment.

First responders say around 6 p.m. they got a call on 19-E in Carter County, Tennessee. Wilburn Norris of Johnson City had gone down the embankment in his truck.

Authorities say he drifted close to the median, over-corrected, then hit a guardrail before going over the edge.

Officers say when they arrived, Norris was semi-conscious and they had to use hand tools to get him out of the truck. They had to carry him up the hill in a basket.

We're told by officers on the scene that he was flown to Johnson City Medical Center.

We're told he is being charged with driving under the influence.

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