Carter County

Suspect search in Carter County continues

Suspect search in Carter County continues

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - The hunt continues in Carter County for a man suspected in a shooting incident.

Deputies are still searching for one of the two men accused of shooting five homes, wounding two people inside.

Carter County deputies spent Wednesday searching the Dry Creek Road area for Tommy Brummitt, who is considered armed and dangerous. 

Investigators caught Michael Brummitt the night of the shooting, but his cousin Tommy Brummitt is still on the run. We dug up Tommy Brummitt's criminal past and learned that he's been arrested more than a dozen times.

His past charges range from arson to assault to burglary to theft.

"I hope this concludes safely for both Mr. Brummitt and our officers.  That's the best that we could search for, that we're able to safely close this chapter," says Patrick Johnson with the Carter County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office says the shooting started with the cousins targeting an ex-girlfriend's home, and from there, they just kept shooting.

Luckily, the victims didn't receive serious injuries.

While deputies continue to search for Tommy Brummitt, they ask anyone who knows anything about where he could be to call law enforcement.

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