Carter County

Support program for female inmates launched

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - A new program has been launched to help women who are inmates in the Carter County jail.

The program is called Red Legacy for Recovery and the goal is to help women who have substance abuse problems and have been incarcerated as a result of their problem.

The founders of the program hope they can teach these women life skills and how to be self sufficient as well as boost their self confidence.

Angelee Murray is a co-founder of the project. 'They didn't have good role models. They came from an environment that is much like the environment they're living in today, and it's a cycle that keeps repeating itself and repeating itself," she explained. "That's one of our goals, to stop that cycle and make a difference in one person's life, and then their children's lives."

State representative Tony Shipley and Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes held a press conference Thursday hoping to set into motion stronger support for recovery programs like this one, saying that the majority of inmates are there because of substance abuse issues.

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