Carter County

Storm cleanup continues in Carter County

Storm cleanup continues in Carter County

HAMPTON, Tenn. - While the storms continue to sweep through our area, some people in Carter County are still cleaning up Tuesday night's mess.

Rocks, limbs, and other debris fills the roads off of Browns Branch Road in Hampton. "It was very scary. I've lived here 40-some years, and I've never seen it get this bad," said Regina Stevens.

Stevens looked outside her window and saw the creek in front of her home gushing with water, and two of her cars stuck in the driveway. "There's mud all in it. There were tree logs stuck under it, boulders, all kinds of trash," said Stevens.

The Carter County Highway Department cleaned some debris from the creek to help the water flow, but it didn't stop it from flooding Steven's shed. "There's probably 6 inches of mud in the floor of it," said Stevens.

Down the street one neighbor is dealing with a large hole in their front yard, where the water caused it to cave in. "You can see that it's deep and it has bent the tiles all to pieces down in there," said Brenda Pritchard.

Another neighbor had their boat turned over and water rushing down the bank close to their home. "It was just like a war zone, I mean the water was so bad," said Pritchard.

Crews have been out there since late Tuesday night moving things like rocks and debris from the roadway. Residents tell News 5 they just hope they are spared from the next storm. "I hope it doesn't happen, maybe it'll just bypass us and it won't come back," said Stevens.

"I hate to see anyone lose their stuff, it just tears me up. I hate it for them," said Pritchard.

The Carter County Highway Department told News 5 some people were evacuated from their homes because they were scared the water would rise.

They also encourage anyone who sees water covering the road to not drive through it, but turn around and find another way.

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