Carter County

Snowy roads in East Tennessee

CARTER COUNTY, TENN. - A late afternoon snow squall made driving hazardous in Upper East Tennessee.

Hardest hit was the Roan Mountain area of Carter County. Highway 19 was covered in snow and traffic was brought to a halt when an 18-wheeler crashed between Roan Mountain and the North Carolina border.

Tennessee Highway Patrol blocked one lane of traffic, while a wrecker from Johnson County was brought in to haul the big truck away.

According to TDOT, other areas were hit by snow as well.


Johnson: Snow covered roads in some areas, roads are being treated .

 Sullivan: Snow in mountains ,roads have been treated.

Washington: Flurries, Roads are  being monitored.

Unicoi: Snow in the mountains, Roads are being treated and are passable.

Greene: Light flurries; windy, crews monitoring roadways.

Hamblen:  Light flurries; Roads have been treated .

Hawkins: snow showers, roads being treated .

Hancock:  snow showers, roads being treated .

Interstate I-81 Roads have been treated.,

Interstate I-26 Roads have been treated.

According to Chief Meteorologist, Dave Dierks, temperatures could plunge into the 20's tonight and drivers should be alert for "black ice".

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