Carter County

Police: Beware of paving scams

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - The Carter County Sheriff's Department is warning residents of a new scam in the county and across the Tri-Cities.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes says there are two different types of these paving scams. One group is targeting the elderly, saying they have already ordered the asphalt, and telling them they have to pay for it.

The other group knocks on your door and says they have leftover asphalt, then charges much more than it's worth.

Sheriff Mathes says not to fall for it. "[There are] plenty of reputable dealers, paving companies out there that you can go through. We want to get the word out, ask people, if it sounds too good to be true in a lot of these scams, it probably is," he says.

If you're approached with one of these offers, you're urged to call police.

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