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Peters Hollow Egg Fight gets crackin'

Peters' Hollow Egg Fight gets crackin'

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - With a few instructions, a word of prayer, and dozens upon dozens of eggs, the 191st Peters Hollow Egg Fight got crackin' Sunday afternoon.

"They just crack them in rotation until no one has an egg left. Whoever has the last egg left is the winner," said Norman Peters, event host.

More than 80 babies, boys and girls, and adults got in on the fight, which is an Easter tradition that's taken place all over Peters Hollow and for the past 25 in Norman Peters' backyard "My mother, if she was alive, would be a 105 years old. She told me that when she was a little girl, this egg fight was an old thing then," said Peters.

The contest to see whose chickens raise the hardest eggs has lived up to the times.

Christopher White's was the second runner-up in his age group. His father's family grew up in Peters' hollow, but this is the first year the family name made it into the winners circle. "It feels good. My dad and my mom told me that I am the first one who ever got up at least this high," said Christopher White.

And Peters says as long as little ones like White keep coming, he has a reason to keep hosting. "If you'll look and see the kids who are in this thing fighting eggs, their the future egg fighters because they'll always want to come back," said Peters.

Peters tells us that each generation in his family has helped keep the egg fight going and he can't imagine Easter Sunday without it.

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