Carter County

One voter understands importance of voting

Voting a privilege

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Back at the voting booths for many voters, there are special reasons to cast their ballots.

Among them, some of the newest Americans.

We met a woman who said it was a privilege to vote because in the country she came from, she did not have as many freedoms.

"I wouldn't miss this for anything," said Ada Chizmar.

Chizmar is not your everyday voter. "I'm originally from South America," she said.

She has been in America since 1976, nearly 45 years.

Chizmar told us her family ventured over from Guatemala and tells me about the differences in politics. "They are allowed to vote, but they aren't allowed to speak against the government freely," said Chizmar.

She talks about how she felt the Guatemalan government was corrupt. "They have the kind of government that can't be trusted," said Chizmar.

She says she is happy to be a part of something where her opinion counts and tells me she has not missed a chance to vote since she was 18.

"It's an important, the most important thing you can do as an American citizen," said Chizmar.

Regardless of the outcome of this Presidential Election, Chizmar is just happy to have her voice heard. "It's still the best country in the world and I know that," said Chizmar.

Chizmar told me about how much she loved America and that she passed that on to her children as well, who are now serving our country.

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