Carter County

New student resource officers for Carter County

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - When classes begin in August, one area school system will have an increased security presence.

The Carter County Commission has now approved the addition of seven more student resource officers for Carter County Schools.

There will now be thirteen officers to cover the fifteen schools in the county.

The school system received over 300-thousand dollars of additional funding through the state's basic education program to add more officers.

Director of schools Kevin Ward tells us the extra security manpower will be an important deterrent to possible disgruntled intruders..

Ward said, "The S.R.O officers helps us not only from a safety standpoint with an intruder but they also help us with the spot checks with the drugs, calling in the drug dogs and searching parking lots making sure that people who aren't supposed to be in our parking lots are not there."

The additional S.R.O. funding will not only pay the officer's salary, but also for their equipment and training.

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