Carter County

New information about a deadly Carter County shooting

New information about a deadly Carter County shooting

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - We're learning the names of the people involved in a deadly shooting in Carter County. Deputies tell us it happened Thursday on Hilton Hill Road around 9:00.

A deadly shooting in a normally quiet Carter County neighborhood has some people concerned, "You wouldn't expect that from anybody up here everybody is helping everybody a lot of them are actually related so they stay close to each other," says concerned neighbor Gabrielle Canter.

Captain Jeff Markland with the Carter County Sheriff's Office tells us the shooting happened at a home in the 100 block of Hilton Hill Road where the 26-year-old victim Timothy Cook was living with his girlfriend and her father 64-year-old Phillip Green, "Mr. Cook and his girlfriend got into a verbal and physically altercation which the female subject was assaulted," says Markland.                                                                                                                        

Markland tells us that's when both men grabbed handguns and Green fired one shot at Cook in the chest.

Captain Markland tells us when deputies arrived they found Green sitting on the front porch that's when he told them someone had been shot inside the home, "Officers then went in to clear the residence and found Mr. Timothy Cook was deceased," adds Markland.

Markland tells us although both men had a gun Cook never fired his. He tells us there isn't a history of violence at the home, "There is no call history there as far as domestic situations or anything."

Meanwhile Canter who lives near the home tells us even though it was a domestic dispute she still has her concerns, "You're not sure if that action is going to be taken a step farther whether it be a neighbor dispute and something happen and the guns are involved."

Markland says as of now nobody has been charged or arrested. He tells us they will meet with the district attorney to figure out if charges will be filed.

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