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Milligan College staff prepares campus for new semester

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MILLIGAN, Tenn. - Faculty and staff at Milligan College are hard at work but they aren't in the office or classroom.

There's new shelves, fresh paint and clean tables. It's annual campus work day - a tradition that takes place before students arrive for the fall semester.

For President Greer, this is his 20th year taking part. "It's really very rewarding to see everyone come out and just want to make this place sparkle before school starts," says Greer.

For professor Jim Dahlman, it's a time to see old friends and make new ones, even in the rain. 

"It's kind of a bit of a reunion day and then also there's just a lot of camaraderie. We're all in this together," says Dahlman.

Inside, librarian Mary Jackson put her painting skills to work. "We've done a bunch of changes this summer but this is the last thing we are doing. We are painting these bookcases so they match the rest of the decor here and we've made a lot of changes," says Jackson.

Changes that mark the beginning of a new school year.

"We're excited for students to come back and see what we've done this summer," adds Jackson.

President Greer tells News 5 students will report to campus starting next Saturday.

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