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Man's recorded interrogation leaked to YouTube

Interrogation leaked

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Video of just about anything can be posted to the internet instantly, but the problems it can cause might go on forever.

The trouble hasn't let up for a local man and his family after someone posted his video on YouTube. Ralph Holly was arrested for multiple charges back in January 2012; when he was interrogated, the recording of it fell into the wrong hands once it was legally released from the Carter County Sheriff's Department.

We first aired the video last Friday. On Monday we talked to the Holly family to hear what impact this has had on their lives.

The unusual thing about the video is not what Ralph says about his own alleged crimes, but the fact that he offers to turn informant on other people.

Holly and his wife wrecked their car back in January after allegedly committing a burglary at the home of his wife's ex-boyfriend. His wife Lindsay was in the hospital, but has since recovered and spent time in jail for her part in the crime. 

She filed a motion of discovery when she got out to get the video of Ralph's interrogation. "It was part of my indictment for my motion of discovery," Lindsay said. "I never knew when I was going to need it."

Once she had the video, Lindsay took it to show some other people what was on the recording; that decision had serious consequences. "I had taken it to my husband's ex-wife's house and let some people watch it. Someone had come over with their computer and watched it on their computer instead of the DVD player," she added. "The next day it was posted on YouTube."

Ralph did not give up any names or information to the police as he offered on the tape and took the wrap for what he had done instead. He points to his court case as his proof. "I'm still going to court over it," Ralph Holly said. "Probably going to have to pull jail time. I don't know how much but I am still going to court. If I gave names, I would probably be free and clear."

Holly goes to court Tuesday morning to face the charges against him. 

Regardless of how his case turns out, he and his family say there should be laws against this sort of invasion of privacy. "Something should be done about the video being on YouTube," said Cody Holly, Ralph's son. "They should be able to take it down. It's putting his life in jeopardy."

"I don't think it's right. I think they ought to do something about it," Ralph told us. "They need to get it off there and fix a law where it can never happen again. They need to do something about it."

The video is nearing 2,500 hits at last check Monday afternoon. Sheriff Mathes has contacted YouTube to ask the video be removed with no success.

We also tried Monday afternoon as well only to find out that once something is out there, don't expect it taken down any time soon. 

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