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Leave the fawn on nature's lawn

There's a dire deer dilemma happening around the region

Leave the fawn on nature's lawn

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Wildlife rehab centers are becoming over populated with fawns. The problem is people are seeing these fawns lying in the woods alone, assuming they've been abandoned by their mothers and then picking them up and transporting them.

One of the places they're taking the fawns is to Wynn Wood Wildlife Rehab Center in Carter County. Manager Keith Wynn tells us they have ten fawns at their center right now. And while rehabbing animals like this is what they do, he says the reason they're having to rehab many of these fawns is the problem.

Wynn, along with TWRA officer John Ripley tell us they want to stress that if you see a fawn sitting by itself, the best thing to do is leave it alone or call wildlife experts and trust nature's ways. "It's pretty much natural selection," Ripley said. "The mother will leave for several hours. She will feed and she will also keep predators away from the fawn. She'll come back, feed the fawn and leave again."

"We need people to not even pick them up to start with," Wynn said. "If you see something that's in distress, call the TWRA, call us, and let us determine if the animal really does need help or not. Don't just kidnap it."

If you have questions about whether wildlife is safe or not, you're urged to call the TWRA at 423-587-7037 or Wynn Wood Wildlife Rehab at 423-474-6220.

A reminder from TWRA: it is also illegal to pick up or transport a fawn and try to care for it yourself.

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