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Hurricane Sandy cancels runner's charity plan

Hurricane Sandy cancels runner's charity plan

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - The New York City Marathon will be run as scheduled despite the city's continuing efforts to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy. But many of the runners will not be participating, including a runner from our area.

We asked why as she finished her last training run Thursday morning.

Samantha Legge ran her last three miles of training for the New York City Marathon Thursday morning. It's been seven months and 1,600 miles of training, not only as a personal goal but to raise scholarship money for the Doe River Gorge Ministries.

Her effort is being called A Penny A Pass.

"The idea was that I would start at the end of 47,000 runners and then for each person that I passed, have people pledge a penny. That won't happen now because the running field in the New York City Marathon is going to be much less, half the runners can't get to New York City to the marathon," Samantha says.

Despite her months of training and planning, the recent events in New York brought her to a personal decision.

"Just yesterday I made the decision not to use 'A Penny A Pass' with the New York City Marathon. It just did not feel right with all the emergency personnel having to divert all their energy where they should be getting the residents water and power, to get heat back on. I just felt convicted enough to say I don't feel I should run the New York City Marathon in 2012 with the devastation and confusion in New York City," she said.

Her running partner these last three miles, the president of Doe River Gorge, understands her decision completely. "In any endeavor and any vision that we have in life there's always unforeseen obstacles that come up to hinder that and this has certainly been something that was unforeseen," President Terry Maughon said.

"I'm gutted, I cried on my training run today. I actually stopped in the middle of the road and just sobbed because this has been what's pushed me for the last seven months. This is what's got me out of bed at 4:30 in the morning," Samantha added.

Still with lot of support Samantha has her own contingency plan in place. Samantha will run a marathon at Marshall University on November 11.

The Penny A Pass fund raiser is looking for an alternate plan. For more information about "A Penny A Pass" click here.

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