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Gracie Cross sings with the band Train

Kingsport 20-year-old fulfills longtime wish

KINGSPORT, Tenn. - Who's that girl? That's what the big J. Fred Johnson Stadium Funfest crowd at the Train concert was wondering.

That girl is 20 year old Gracie Cross of Kingsport, a huge Train fan. "I've been to four of their concerts in the last four years," she said.

When she found out Train was rolling into Funfest, she knew she had to be there, especially for a meet and greet with lead singer Pat Monahan.

She also knew he usually calls up a member of the audience to sing the duet 'Bruises' with him, so she was ready. "I told him, 'If you need anybody to sing Bruises with you, I'll be in the second row and I know all the words,'" Cross said. "And he said, 'I'll take you up on that.'"

So when song time came, Pat did take her up on it and called her up on stage. "I kind of started screaming and I jumped up and down," Cross said. "Then I sprinted to stage as fast as I could cause I was ready to be up there and sing with Train."

During the duet she sure didn't stand still. "He just kind of nudged at me and told me to follow him," Cross said.

She sang, danced and really got into it. "I was in my element," Cross said. "I'm one of those people that whenever I hear music I kind of have to go along with the beat."

She got into it so much, "[Pat] asked me if I was a theatre major, I guess from where I was dancing around," Cross said. "I'm definitely not a theatre major. I'm a kinesiology major, which is exercise science."

For Gracie, this was an exercise in exhilaration. "I was on top of the world after," Cross said.

So was this whole experience for Gracie a case of train cross-ing or cross train-ing? "I guess Cross, me, training for something that I hoped for," Cross said. "And Train crossing just happening to cross their path so many times so I guess you could say both."

So with a song on her lips and reflection in her heart, for Gracie Cross this is a treasured Train memory that will never derail. "It's definitely something I can check off my bucket list," Cross said.

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