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Festival weather dangers

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. - The 48th annual Covered Bridge Celebration continues tonight in downtown Elizabethton and throughout the next few months many more festivals will be popping up in the Tri-Cities.

This means that storm season is also in full gear. Event organizers keep a close eye on weather radars throughout an entire event.

They use multiple sources to confirm if storms are approaching but say the National Weather Service is usually their go to.

EMA Director Andrew Worley tells News 5 in an event of a tornado, they instruct people to get inside a sturdy first floor building.

"Be prepared before you go out. Understand what's going on that day, what's forecasted and then make the best decision on whether or not you think it's wise to venture out in that. Just take some of the responsibility, personal responsibility, and look for yourself and make that decision," adds Worley.

Worley says they do their best during festivals to give vendors the forecast at the beginning of the day. He tells News 5 they leave the decision up to the vendors to choose how they want to prepare during a storm.

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