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Facebook post is the center of a controversy in Carter County

Facebook post is the center of a controversy in Carter County

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - A Facebook post is at the center of a controversy between Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes and Assistant District Attorney General Dennis Brooks.

The post accuses Sheriff Mathes of sending someone to ask Brooks to cut a break for a suspect on a D.U.I. case.

This all started on Monday with a post on Dennis Brooks' personal Facebook page.

It has since been taken down but we took a screen shot of it before that happened.    

The post read, "I am thankful that in all my years of prosecuting in Washington County, I never had a sheriff send someone to me to ask for me to cut a break on a DUI case. But I can't say that for Carter County after today. Sorry, sheriff, I don't care if she is a doctor. I'll treat her the same as anyone else under the facts I have. He should too."

Well we dug into the story and reached out the Sheriff Mathes and Assistant D.A. Brooks.

Sheriff Mathes told us that he completely denies the allegation of trying to cut a break for someone.

Mathes says he doesn't know the person accused of the crime or anything about the case.

Brooks who was very vocal on Monday, told us today that he didn't want to comment on the situation further because it could affect the current D.U.I. case

We also talked to District Attorney Tony Clark who is Brooks' supervisor.

He knows of the Facebook post and asked Brooks to take it down.

According to District Attorney Clark there is no policy in place at the D.A.'s office on using social media, but he does say that he doesn't want anyone in his office posting on Facebook about cases.

Sheriff Mathes tells us he is waiting to give Brooks an opportunity to apologize and that he has been speaking with an attorney.

He tells us that he is considering filing a formal complaint on the matter.

We'll follow up with that if and when it happens.   

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