Carter County

Evacuees return home

HAMPTON, Tenn. - Residents in one part of Carter County are mopping up Wednesday night after being forced from their homes by heavy rain Tuesday.


The rain finally came to a stop in Hampton. Allowing those residents to return, but not for good.


Lavern Devoe and her neighbors were evacuated from Carl Smith Road, and now they're picking up what flood waters left behind.


"By the time I walked back in here it had come up about three inches in my living room," said Devoe.


She tried to get everything up off the ground before it was too late, but some items just aren't salvageable. Items like her family photos; she hopes they will dry out.


Devoe said, "There's mud up under the bed it came up two to three inches in the bathroom."


Dovoe's home wasn't the only one hit.


"This trailer next door, they've already said it is destroyed. All the straps are broke under it and all the bricks have come out from under it," said Devoe.


All of the residents on Carl Smith Road still haven't returned.


When they do, they and their neighbors will try to save what the mud and water didn't destroy.

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