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Elizabethton city councilmen question industrial recruiting funding

Councilman says county isn't getting the best bang for their buck

Elizabethton city councilmen question industrial recruiting funding

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - A couple of Elizabethton city councilmen say they're still in favor of de-funding Carter County.

Tuesday, the county's economic development partner handling industrial recruiting.

One of them is councilman Bob Cable, who tells us the city and county aren't getting their best bang for the buck. "I just don't see any returns for the dollar that we're spending," Cable said. "A lot of dollars are spent there. Perhaps we're sending someone out there looking for something that's not there to obtain, and if that's true, why send them?"

But Carter County Tomorrow President Tom Anderson tells us there are companies there to obtain, and it would be a bad time to cut his funding. "There are too many projects that cannot be walked away from," Anderson said.

"Not badmouthing Mr. Anderson, but just to tell you the truth, that's all I've heard from him is, 'We've got several projects going,"' Cable said.

"It just shows that they're engaged," Anderson said. "They are city councilmen and they have a responsibility to the taxpayers. I look at it as a positive thing. It's opening up some communication because a lot of things we do, there's no instant gratification. It moves at almost a glacial pace, so it's difficult to see exact results unless they see steel going up."

Cable says cutting funding to CCT would save taxpayers a lot of money, and he believes the job of industrial recruiting could be done by someone internal and already on the city's payroll.

Anderson says it all boils down to better communication. "I think we'll reach a consensus and I think they'll have a better understanding," Anderson said. "I think what I need to do is make sure all the councilmen and councilwomen are informed on the activities."

There will be much more talk about this funding dispute at the next meeting of the Elizabethton city council on June 12.

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