Carter County

Elizabethon city council making budget changes

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. - Elizabethton City Council approved a financial lifeline for Carter County's Rescue Squad Thursday night.

But, besides the Rescue Squad issue, downtown Elizabethton is looking to expand and revitalize.

One of the main topics of discussion at the meeting addressed the new downtown apartments.

Councilman Bill Carter tells News 5 they're excited to see this change.

As of now, it's not known when the apartments will be ready for people to move in but the council members say they're excited for the process to begin.

It'll help raise the downtown appearance and bring more people into the community.

Also discussed Thursday was the first reading of the 2014-2015 city budget. The Carter County Rescue Squad has been struggling financially and they came to the council meeting Thursday asking for more money to help them out.

"The Rescue Squad came to us asking for a four year franchise and if we would do that, they would not ask us for any money," says Carter.

Carter said Thursday the council approved a new $20,000 budget for the EMS Rescue Squad, originally they were only allotted $2,500.

But Carter says the council had a change of heart because they've realized how big a deficit the Rescue Squad now faces and knows they could definitely use the money.

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