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Couple rebuilds historic depot on Tweetsie Trail

Couple rebuilds historic depot on Tweetsie Trail

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Near Milligan College, they're running the rewind button back to the past along the future Tweetsie Trail. Putting history back on track.

"There was a definite Milligan connection with the train," said Milligan Professor Charlene Thomas. "Back in the day, students actually came to school on the train and they came and there was this little depot here."

And now a new depot under construction near the same spot courtesy of Ted and Charlene Thomas. She's a graduate and longtime professor at Milligan. Both are avid bicycle riders. "I thought we've got to do something to connect the two," Charlene said. "Our love for Milligan College got us thinking, 'What can we do?'"

Ted designed the depot, what the couple calls a stylized replication of the original. With Milligan's Seeger Chapel steeple visible in the distance, it'll be a tranquil spot to stop and ponder your path. "This is a rest area," Charlene said. "So we can give back to our community we can glorify God with our talents and provide a place to rest."

So the way the Thomases see it, they're not only putting history back on track, they're leaving a legacy that they hope will never get derailed. "Oh we love it, we love the legacy," Charlene said. "It's been a lot of hard work but it's been very rewarding work so we would do it again for sure."

Ted and Charlene hope to complete construction on their depot within the next two to three weeks. The Tweetsie Trail officially opens August 30.

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