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Christian volunteer heading to fourth Olympics

Christian volunteer heading to fourth Olympics

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - There's a retired teacher in Carter County getting ready to go the Winter Olympics -- not as a spectator, nor a competitor, or official, but as a volunteer for her faith.

As we discovered Wednesday, Sochi is not her first Olympic trip.

Spread out on a table before Vickie Ford are picture albums of her many trips around the world. She travels as part of her church's ministry.

Vickie showed photos from her trip to Sydney, Rio, and London; now, she's preparing to go to Sochi, Russia. "I'm excited to be seeing a new culture, seeing new people who are letting me love them and in return they love me. I think it will be exciting, and of course the Olympics are so exciting anyway," she said.

A friend of hers from the Service and Outreach Alaska to Russia Ministry has invited her to be a part of team of Christians bringing their faith to Olympic visitors. "We will be doing what we call 'ministering in a fun zone', where it will be fun for the the team too. It's a gigantic tent. We will work inside there, doing face painting, ballooning, and puppetry," she explained.

They'll be inviting those who come in to go to a nearby church. "We're the bridge between the outside world and the church, to have people come in have some fun with us. We'll invite them to go on into the church, and we have the opportunity to have them ask us questions about the Lord. We will try to answer them to the best of our ability," she said.

When asked about the security that has been put into place, Vickie said she's not overly concerned. "After the security now and all the threats, I won't lie, yes, I've thought about if it's going to be safe. But I've had a real peace about it the last two weeks," she said.

She calls herself a 'seed sower' for her faith. She's planting those seeds in a faraway place, hoping to have a good harvest for her Christian faith.

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