Carter County

Chris Mathes formally announces write-in campaign

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes officially told the public he will not give up his spot as Sheriff without a fight.

Mathes lost in the Republican Primary election earlier this month to Dexter Lunceford.

Mathes' supporters filled the cafeteria at Elizabethton High School on Saturday to hear him formally announce his write-in campaign for a third term as Sheriff.

Mathes talked about his accomplishments over the last eight years; such as cleaning up the county jail and working to get drugs off the streets.

Mathes told the crowd he didn't think there should have been a primary election because of the cost to taxpayers. He says he plans to run a positive campaign.

Mathes faces Republican Dexter Lunceford and Independent James Parrish at the polls in August.

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