Carter County

Carter County EMS rescues on the rise

EMS Director says his department is feeling the strain

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. - Carter County emergency medical crews had their share of rescues recently.

After a plane crash rescue on Holston Mountain last month, crews spent most of the afternoon and evening Wednesday on a rescue mission in the Laurel Falls area near the Appalachian Trail.

EMS workers rescued a woman who fell 30 feet down near the falls and suffered a broken arm and leg while hiking.

EMS Director Terry Arnold tells us that his department has answered the call for three rescue missions in the last five days. It's a trend that he says takes its toll. "It brings stress to our crew, to our budgets," Arnold said. "We have to go on the calls no matter what, but it does bring a lot of stress to us financially and on manpower."

Arnold urges hikers to use extreme caution and know the terrain before heading out for a hike.

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