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A historic decision for a Roan Mountain State Park farmstead

The Miller Farmstead is now on the state historic registry

A historic decision for a Roan Mountain State Park farmstead

ROAN MOUNTAIN, Tenn. - You've heard of down on the farm but this is up on the farm. "This is actually the highest point in the park," Park Ranger Meg Guy said.

Roan Mountain State Park's Dave Miller Farmstead is high on history, too. "The house was originally built in either 1908 or 1910," Guy said. "The farmstead itself was settled in 1870."

That was when Dave and Louise Miller first circled their wagon here. Their son Nathaniel built the current farmhouse. "At the time it was considered a mansion," Guy said.
Many still meander through the mansion to do a little retro reminiscing. Then, out to the barnyard where rustic farming equipment is on display. Around back there's other nostalgic structures even a chicken house. And up on the hill, the Miller family cemetery.

"It's just a great way of taking a step back in time," Guy said. "It's a glimpse at how people lived before the days of modern conveniences."

And now, a modern decision of historic proportions. Now that the Miller Farmstead has been approved for the state and national historic registry, the old farm should blossom even more and could become an actual working farm with gardens and more livestock. "That's a long term goal," Guy said. "That's what we call our legacy project."

Ranger Guy tells us that if you haven't passed through the gateway back in time here, you really should. "There's not a lot of stuff like this left," she said. "Part of Tennessee State Parks mission statement is to preserve and protect. We don't want that way of life to be lost forever we want to preserve that."

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