Carter County

190-year Easter tradition continues

CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. -      The air was cold and the wind was strong on Peters Hollow Road, but the annual egg fight still went on as planned.
     This is the 190th running of the a little rain wouldn't stop the festivities.
"Pretty good crowd for the weather," says host Norman Peters.

     The rules are simple, hard boil some eggs, then put them up against your opponent's best egg.

     Over the years, people have tried everything to get an advantage over the competition.
     Jerry Peters has won the event 7 times and told us some insider information. "That makes the shell harder ya know, everybody knows you give chicken's oyster shells. Aint no secret," Peters says.
     From oyster shells, to special diets, only one thing is in common...secrets are kept to themselves.
"Well yeah different things they feed their chickens supposed to make a harder shell," says Peters.

     The competition brought some out-of-towners to the fight, all the way from Cleveland, Ohio.
"This is the first time in awhile that we've been down but we are definitely going to try to make it a yearly tradition to come down and involve my son," says Melissa Peters.
   Peters says you can expect 2 things when going to the Peters Hollow Egg Fight.
     One, there are at least 300 dozen eggs are on site, and two, you'll want to come back next year.
     He told us this easter tradition is here to stay.
"I don't see anything stopping it because the people, the young kids participate in it now and really enthused about it and I think It'll go on."

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