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Uber's first time to and from the Food City 500

Uber's first time to and from the...

BRISTOL, Tenn. - There is a new option for race fans looking for the best way to get to and from the track this weekend. Ride-sharing app Uber is available for the first time during a race weekend. Bristol Motor Speedway is working with Uber to make travel more convenient for everyone.

Whether avoiding the traffic or a DUI, taking an Uber or Lyft this weekend may be the best option. The Bristol Motor Speedway vice president of customer service, Ben Trout, explained how a mandatory drop-off location for the services will help streamline traffic for everyone.

"It'll be a hopefully smooth transition," Trout said, "and at the end of the day we hope it grows."

The drop-off is located of Highway 394 at the corner of Copperhead Road and Sweet Knobs Trail. Uber drivers will still have to contend with any traffic coming in and out of the highway.

"We always encourage fans to arrive early and to know that after the event about, 45 minutes following the event, you want to be in the location where your Uber driver will pick you up," Trout said.

Uber driver Tyler Kolarsky has high hopes for the weekend.

"I think it's going to be really busy, I really do, because there will be so many people from out of town who know and use Uber," Kolarsky said.

He said drivers who worked the Battle at Bristol saw big business.

"I heard that some people made over a thousand dollars that weekend," Kolarsky said.

"Once you arrive at the drop-off location on the edge of the property, a free shuttle will take you to the track and bring you back when you're ready to leave," Kolarsky said.

Kolarsky gave News 5 estimates for rides from the Tri-Cities to BMS. Rides for four people or less (called UberX rides) from downtown Bristol are about $19, from downtown Johnson City they're about $37, and from downtown Kingsport a ride is about $44. Prices increase if there are five passengers or more (UberXL). They can also go up if there's a high demand for rides and not enough drivers.

Whatever the price of the ride, Kolarsky insists it may be worth it.

"$15, $20 once a weekend, it's a lot cheaper than $10,000 for a DUI," Kolarsky said.

New Uber customers can also enter the code AOYFW to get $15 off the first ride.

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