Bristol TN

CAPTURED: Manhunt for Johnny Royston Jr. is over

Royston captured in Bristol, Tenn.

A Sullivan County and Bristol, TN manhunt is over. According to police, Johnny Royston Jr. was captured on Emmett Road in Bristol, TN shortly after 10pm Monday night. More details are expected to be release on Tuesday. 

Royston is the primary suspect in a murder investigation.Officials responded to Eaton Private Drive in Bristol, Tennessee just before 12:30 Saturday morning.They found 44-year-old Rowdy Yates, unconscious with a gunshot wound.

On Monday, News 5's Jessica Griffith had a chance to speak to the wife of homicide victim. 

The arrest comes after a sighting of the vehicle wanted in connection to the murder on Sunday night near Exit 5 in Bristol, VA. Police believe the suspect's mother, Patsy gave police false information in an effort to allow her son to escape. 

"He was in that vehicle and it was being operated by his mother. He ran at the sight of a police car they went by. The police saw him went to turn around come back. once he saw that, he ran," Sergeant Crawford said.

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