Bristol TN

Bristol TN zoning officials deny appeal in Intimate Treasures controversy

Shop will be built along Volunteer Pkwy

The Bristol Tennessee Board of Zoning Appeals disappointed residents Thursday with a ruling that will allow a store to be built at the entrance to their neighborhood.

The store in question is called Intimate Treasures and the board denied an appeal from property owners to block the new shop's construction.

The owner, Mark Hatfield, plans to close his location on Pennsylvania Avenue and open up a new store on property at the corner of Sunnybrook and Volunteer Parkway.

The heart of the issue is whether the specialty shop should be considered an adult oriented store or not.
Tennessee has laws governing where those types of businesses can be.

Sunnybrook residents were asking the board to overturn the previous decision that declared the business was not considered adult oriented stating that the inventory of sexually explicit items would be less than 50 percent of the total inventory.

"I'm a land owner in Sunnybrook Addition immediately next to this site. It's going to destroy my property value. It's going to destroy the property value of the other residents. It's going to be affected," said Sunnybrook resident Roma Philips.

"Each store is going to have to be operated to comply with each city's ordinances. That is what's been done here. That's how it will be operated," Attorney for Mark Hatfield said.

After a period of confusion on the board they finally voted to uphold the previous decision allowing the store to locate on that land.

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