Bristol host to Appalachian Farmers Market Association Conference

BRISTOL, Tenn. - Appalachian Sustainable Development held the sixth annual Appalachian Farmers Market Association Conference on Saturday.

It was held at the Slater Community Center in Bristol, Tenn. The event featured workshops which ranged from wine making to Facebook marketing and paper production.

There was also a winter market. Over 14 regional farmers markets were represented. They sold an abundance of eggs and milk, as well as items like jewelry and knitted hats and scarves.

The theme of the event was "The Safety of Local Food and Agriculture."

 Tamara McNaughton told us that buying local food is important to communities.

 "Developing local food systems is just a really good strategy for developing local economies and resiliency as far as our local food system distribution within our nation," McNaughton said.

 We're told several companies donated over 800 seed packets for the event participants.

 Raffle prizes were given out at the event. A couple of those prizes include a full garden.

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